Frederic DIDES


My name is Frederic DIDES, I’m 29 years old and live in the south of France, under the sun of Nice.

As long as my memories go back, I have always been passionate about image and photography.
I bought my first Reflex in 2009 and I started to photograph my city and my relatives
Curious by nature, I was naturally attracted by the press photo and the report. I started to specialize in this field in 2015 and made a book by photographing accessible events.
It’s early 2018, after being tested during the Red Bull Air Race of Cannes that the Sipa Press agency began to distribute my photos.

Since then, I have access to many playgrounds such as football stadiums, press pools and political events.
I lead several personal projects in parallel as a report on the scavengers of my city, little known job …

I join the studio Hans Lucas in the summer of 2018 with a lot of fun and pride, as the members are talented photographers.