Frederic DIDES


Fréderic is a 29-year-old photographer, working on the Niçoise region.

After buying his first reflex for his 18th birthday, he started photographing his family.

Very quickly he became interested in press photography and documentary photography.
After having had several lives, notably in health as an anaesthetist nurse, he decided in 2016 to become a professional photographer and began to disseminate his work.
Passionate about current events and the adrenaline that press photography provides, he scours political meetings and social movements in search of a strong image. The sports photo is not put aside and it covers a large part of the OGC Nice games.
His influences are diverse and he spends a large part of his free time leafing through Polka, Fisheye or Depardon’s books that have been sitting on his library for a few years.

In parallel, Fréderic carries out documentary work on « atypical » and craft trades: Baker, Master Glassmaker, carpenters, he goes to meet those who have chosen a trade on the border between art and labour.

It is distributed by Sipa Press and Hans Lucas Studio.